Friday, September 11, 2009

Double the fun!

This is the new stroller we bought. We love it! The seats can face each, or either direction, and are approved up to 40 pounds. The sunshades are huge and the girls seem really comfortable. The seats have to come off to fold down the stroller and it is a little heavy, but it is a double here folks! I wanted one that was not a side by side as I want to continue shopping, but either child can sit in either seat. Test drive one if you are in the market! At $210 I'm calling it a bargain.

image via Babies R Us


  1. i am SO glad you posted this! a friend of ours has one that looks very similar & is awesome, but she said the cheapest she's seen hers is for $400 on criagslist, so i can't imagine what they normally cost!

    this is much more is our price range, and we'll be investing in one soon. this will be the first one i check out.

  2. Awesome! I'm so glad I could help! Also there is an attachment you can use the travel car seat in the stroller! So convenient!